The Brilliant Law of Karma

Bringing misfortune onto the path of bodhi

Version 2

This daylong practice will focus on the inexorable law of cause and effect, embracing how the unwanted, difficult experiences of life give true direction to the specific and necessary path for our awakening. The unfortunate circumstances of the life in which we find ourselves – both our outer worldly situation and inner landscape of thought and emotion – present us exactly with what needs to be released on our unique path of self-liberation. The true path of bodhi will not be found in any spiritual scripture, but only in the way we meet good fortune passing and misfortune arising and persisting.

The essence of inner work is opening oneself to what is, finding the courage to accept things as they are, and relaxing into non-interfering presence with “the whole catastrophe” we find ourselves in, allowing release to happen on its own time and in its own way.

Meditation sessions will alternate with teaching and discussion periods.

Date & Time: July 10, 2016;  10:00 – 4:30

Location: Dondrub Ling, 2748 #D Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA

Donation (for rental of the Ling): $20

Contact: Mary Smyer at