Riding the Tiger of Karma

Turning misfortune into self-liberation

This daylong practice will focus on the brilliant law of karma, which always presents us with just the perfect – difficult, delightful or boring – experiences we need to integrate on the path of evolution that is “for our steps alone.” The emotional reaction we have to our predicament presents us with exactly what needs to be opened-to, befriended, and released in the service of self-liberation. The fast track to awakening is found by embracing misfortune arising and good fortune passing within spacious awareness.

The essence of inner work is opening ourself to what is, finding the courage and compassion to meet this directly, to let ourself be broken-open by the experience we are having, and to rest more surely in the opened-upness.

In letting yourself simply be,

open to & opened by experience,

without trying to change your experience in any way,

the subtle holding (“pain body”)

maintaining reactive habit patterns spontaneously loosens,

allowing for release to happen

on its own time and in its own way. This is the key

to self-compassion and self-liberation.


Meditation and inquiry sessions will alternate with teaching and discussion


Date & Time: January 7, 2018;  10:00 – 4:00

Location: Dondrub Ling, 2748 #D Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA

Suggested Donation: $75 (any amount is acceptable)

For information and to register, contact:  Bonnie Landfield at bonnieland01@yahoo.com