Catalyzing Authentic Presence

Bringing therapeutic exchange into the living moment

This clinic focuses on the art of catalyzing the healing power of presence, intertwining genuine openness with spontaneous responsivity.

Openness respects that receptivity is required – in both therapist and client – for tuning into whatever arises in the intersubjective field. The capacity for natural spaciousness allows for empathic attunement and, as deepened, unconditional presence. On this basis it becomes possible to release the congruently-tuned, incisive power of therapeutic speech. Responsiveness respects that expressivity is required in a therapeutic exchange for cutting through emotional confusion and mental fixations by directing attention to what is happening here and now in body, speech & mind.

Openness can be blocked by the urgency to do something, as one clings to a technique, theory, or opinion in order to avoid the vulnerability that accompanies true openness. Therapeutic responsivity can be blocked by the fear of doing or saying something, as one withdraws from a live exchange to avoid the potential embarrassment of being found to be fallible.

This is an experiential clinic, combining lecture, practice sessions, and discussion of the healing power of authentic presence.

6 CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs                       Clinic is FULL, Waiting list being kept

9:00 – 4:30 Saturday March 12, 2016             Cost: $160

Location: 2025 Lincoln St., Berkeley              Reg. by Jan. 31: $125

To register, contact: Mary Smyer at