Awakening to Authentic Presence

A Nondual Teaching and Practice Retreat

This retreat focuses on a simple, direct, and effortless way of releasing mental fixations and emotional compulsions by cutting through the core knot of dualistic vision. The radical key to unlocking the naturally healing play of unconditioned presence is recognizing that there is nothing to heal, everything already being complete and perfect just as it is. Without recognizing the natural freedom of being and letting it more deeply saturate our mindstream, we continue to Dakini.JPGsuffer relentless inadequacies and tiresome striving to improve ourselves and others. This retreat offers an introduction to the contemplative yoga of Dzogchen, including the key preliminary practice of distinguishing the mind and its mental-emotional fixations from the unconditioned nature of the mind. This will include the sharing of nondual presence, meditation sessions, focused self-inquiry, and group conversation. There will be time for personal reflection, walks, and contemplation.

 The six vajra verses

Just as the nature of diversity is nondual,
each phenomenon is beyond conceptual knowing.

Even though there is no concept for “what is” (being-as-such),
myriad beings nevertheless manifest: all is well!

Since everything is complete as it is, abandon the sickness of effort,
and remain effortlessly in spontaneous presence: this is contemplation.


Dates: TBA, Spring, 2017

Location: TBA, Northern California

For Information & To Register, Bonnie Landfield at