Mindfulness-Based Supervision

From Neutrality to Intersubjectivity to Unconditional Presence

What is clinical supervision?
 Someone who’s supposed to know, teaching someone who wants to know, what it means not to know.                – Thomas Ogden

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This course goes beyond the basics of structured supervision and legal issues, to the deepening of mindful relatedness in the here and now exchange between client and therapist and between therapist and supervisor/consultant. The course will demystify and apply the contemplative capacities of evenly-suspended attention, intersubjective attunement, and unconditional presence in individual and group supervision.

The workshop objectives are to enhance supervisors’ abilities for facilitating mindful attention and authentic responsiveness in therapeutic exchanges. This will include differentiating conceptual thinking from meditative thinking, appreciating the differences between neutrality, empathic attunement, and unconditioned presence, understanding and empowering supervision/consultation as a contemplative science and interpersonal meditative art.


Buddhist Psychology, Existential-phenomenology, relational Psychoanalysis, and experience-near therapy will be drawn upon and applied through lecture, group discussion, experiential exercises, and interpersonal meditation. Discussion will consider the appropriateness of a mindfulness-based approach to specific clinical and supervisory situations and dilemmas.

This course is offered at an intermediate level in the sense that it will not cover the legal-ethical and conventional “basics” of supervision, and is appropriate for those both new to and seasoned in the practice of meditation.

6 CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs                                                  Space is limited

Winter or Spring  2017                                                              Cost: $160             


Location: TBA                                              

To register, contact: TBA