The I of the Other

I-of-the-other-publicity-9-11-13 copyMindfulness-based Diagnosis and the Question of Sanity

I-of-the-other-publicity-9-11-13 copy9781556689075Since any therapeutic engagement begins with getting to know the mind of an Other, it is appropriate that a holistic revisioning of psychology begin by considering the fundamental knowing we refer to as clinical diagnosis. This involves both critiquing the objectivizing empiricist/DSM approach to clinical psychodiagnosis and presenting an intersubjective alternative to the knowing of other minds.

This book is the first to apply a Buddhist informed mindfulness-based approach to psychological assessment. It is also the first application of the Phenomenological method, which has enjoyed high regard in the area of qualitative research, to clinical diagnosis. These two cutting-edge approaches, one from the East and one from the West, are intertwined in a way that contributes to the emerging Integrative trends in Psychology.

The final section on the Question of Sanity proceeds beyond both phenomenological research and much of the current “Mindfulness-Based” literature, which is largely technique-focused, opening up the underlying (Buddhist & Existential) nondual wisdom informing contemplatively-robust psycho-, somatic, and energy-based therapy practices.
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