The natural freedom of being

Attuning to effortless wakefulness

It is a dizzying paradox to recognize that any path-worthy effort to liberate oneself is as necessary as it is futile. Without exerting the effort to awaken, old habits of complacency and inertia remain uncontested and this precious human life passes quickly in an anxious daze, driven by hope, fear and idle distraction. Exerting the effort to calm our twitchy minds, clear our blocked channels, and awaken from the IMG_2520mind trance of samsara, we may be fortune enough to find ourselves on a path with heart. But in order to realize the unconditioned, luminous presence to which the Buddha awakened, it is necessary to release on spiritual projects that seek a  realization that we hope will occur sometime in the future. In simply being wakefully present, without becoming distracted or trying to improve our experience, we find ourselves at ease in the effortless wakefulness and natural freedom of being.

Contemplative practices of inner attunement, guided inquiry, and group conversations will intertwine in allowing the natural resilience of being-as-such to ripen throughout the day.

Date and Time: Spring, 2018; 10:00 – 4:00

Location: Dondrub Ling, 2748 #D Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA

Suggested Donation: $75 (any amount acceptable)

For Information and to RSVP, Contact: Bonnie Landfield at